Swahiliwood Films Released on DVD

Swahiliwood Films Released on DVD

The three Swahiliwood feature films: Sunshine, Network, and Mdundiko,  have been released throughout Tanzania by Proin Promotions distributors.  After a very successful launch of the films at the Oyster Bay cinemas in Dar es Salaam, there has been a lot of anticipation for the release of these films. Below you will find a short synopsis and trailer of the three films.


When Detective Robert Demango, one of the forces’ finest, is given three weeks notice for lack of performance; he doesn’t give a damn. He knows his days as Dar es Salaams most celebrated detective are over. Riddled with guilt for his wife’s death, depressed and drinking heavily, he’s given up trying to adhere to his anti-retroviral treatment. For Demango, the game of life is over… until he discovers a serial killer is targeting his sexual network. This case is personal. But is there time to prove himself once again?

This case is personal… and the clock is ticking



Lufu is educated and smart but restless and angry. He can’t hold down a job and is easily distracted by drink, dope and women, which have landed him nothing but trouble. At just 22 he’s already on ARVs and slipping into a lifestyle dominated by petty-crime.

Lufu is from a good and loving family. His mother, Mama Eva, a hard working entrepreneur, runs a successful restaurant with his sister Eva.

Mama Eva knows Lufu’s survival depends on healthy eating, living and adherence to his medication. She is worried sick about her son. And the stress is killing her.

When Mama Eva collapses and advised that she needs heart surgery the family cannot afford, Lufu decides to take the matter in his own hands. How far will he go to secure the cash the family needs to save his mothers life?

A story of unconditional love between mother and son.



Mzee Njimba and Mzee Kondo, friends since childhood are also related through the marriage of their children. Unfortunately their children passed away leaving Kondo to look after their shared grandson Chumi.

Njimba is an arrogant, belligerent man known for his abilities as a drummer and arranger of dances (Ngoma), including the notorious Hondomola, where multiple dance partners are encouraged.

When Kondo object to the increasing popularity and frenzy of the alcohol fueled Hondomola, Njimba and his thugs have Kondo and family chased out of the village.

Over time Njimba’s drumming takes its’ toll on the villagers, who are weakened and ailing after participating in Hondomola. Njimba’s attempts to treat them with traditional cures (being the village witch doctor as well) is ineffective.

It will take Chumi and a new generation of traditional drummers, to appreciate how corrupting the cultural values of Ngoma has threatened the survival of their community.