Sunshine Trailer Released

Rufu is educated and smart but restless and angry.  He can’t hold down a job and is easily distracted by drink, dope and women, which have landed him nothing but trouble. At just 22 he’s already on ARVs and slipping into a lifestyle dominated by petty-crime.

Rufu is from a good and loving family. His mother, Mama Eva, a hard working entrepeneur, runs a successful restaurant with his siter Eva.

Mama Eva knows Rufu’s survival depends on healthy eating, living and adherence to his medication. She is worried sick about her son. And the stress is killing her.

When Mama Eva collapses and advised that she needs heart surgery the family cannot afford, Rufu decides to take the matter in his own hands. How far will he go to secure the cash the family needs to save his mothers life?

A story of unconditional love between mother and son.

Watch the Sunshine trailer below: