Siri ya Mtungi Television Drama

Siri ya Mtungi Television Drama

Siri ya Mtungi is a new dramatic television series brought to you by Media for Development International Tanzania.

Set in the historical town of Bagamoyo, “Siri “ follows the life of Cheche Mtungi, photographer and owner of the newly-opened Mtungi Photography Studio. Cheche is a people-person, with a beautiful wife, Cheusi, who has given him two children, Maua and Mkuki. Cheche tries to be a good, faithful husband but he really has a way with women! Call it luck or charm- regardless, he has trouble resisting the women who fall at his feet.

Cheche’s father-in-law, Kizito, helped him get his business started. He is a well-respected man in the Bagamoyo community and he is always busy in the auto-repair shop that he runs with his sons Dula and Matona. Kizito has three wives and fifteen children. His first wife, Farida, is in charge of Kizito’s household. Embittered by a difficult domestic life and her jealousy to her co-wives, Farida has given birth to nine of Kizito’s children. Mwanaidi is Kizito’s self-employed and independent second wife, who has much time for her two children, Chidi and Cheusi, and her two grandchildren. The third wife, Vingawaje recently died after a short illness, leaving behind her four children. She was a a taarab singer who captured Kizito’s heart and soul with her beauty and grace.

Masharubu is a powerful slumlord and all around shady character. After enduring much abuse, his wife abandoned him with their beautiful daughter, Nusura. She is the lotus flower that has bloomed in that ghetto. She is a smart, strong woman who has a weak spot for a local DJ named Duma. Duma has a heart of gold but struggles to make ends meet as a DJ in Bagamoyo. Duma is a true survivor, who spent his adolescence fathering his young brother, Steven, after the death of their parents. But now Steven is all grown up, and Duma is finding out that the challenges of bringing up a child never end.

Nusura and Kizito’s paths cross serendipitously, leading the religious man to think that they are destined to be together. Nusura is tired of the tension in her relationship with Duma and is ready for some gentleness. Nusura finds herself torn between her passionate romance with Duma, and the calm waters of a prospective marriage with Kizito. Little does she know that there are storms brewing over those blue waters. Secrets will be told, lives will be torn and hearts will be broken in the town of Bagamoyo.