Siri ya Mtungi Gaining Momentum

Siri ya Mtungi Gaining Momentum

MFDI’s most recent production, Siri ya Mtungi, is Tanzania’s favorite television program.

The 13 part dramedy follows a cast of colourful characters, related by blood or marriage, or simply by love, who make up a community that is inspired by purpose, brought down by fear, superstition and betrayal, lifted by comedy and joy, and strengthened by the intimate bonds of family and friendship. It’s a story of relationships won and lost.

Siri ya Mtungi has been airing weekly on local and regional television stations (ITV and EATV) since early December 2012, reaching audiences throughout the Swahili speaking belt of East Africa.

The popularity of the drama is evident through the numerous blogs, newspaper articles, TV and radio talk shows, and social media channels focusing attention on Siri ya Mtungi. In just two months Siri ya Mtungi’s Facebook fan base had exceeded 50,000 likes, and had an average reach of over 300,000 per week. Visit to keep updated on current information related to the program.

The program is also broadcast on the Swahiliwood Youtube channel, expanding viewership to a global audience. You can view full episodes of Siri ya Mtungi on Youtube at Subscribe to the Swahiliwood channel to receive updates on when new episodes are posted.

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