Siri ya Mtungi – Episode 9

Siri ya Mtungi – Episode 9

The disappearance of Cheche’s motorbike from outside Lulu’s beach house causes the photographer to panic. What if Cheusi finds out about his affair with Lulu? Cheche piles on lies upon lies. Dafu offers to help him find the motorbike — but only because he thinks it might get him closer to Lulu.

Meantime, since Nusura married Mzee Kizito, Duma has been at a loss what to do with his life. Kovu introduces him to a businessman, Golden down at Tula’s kigrosari. But when Kovu gets drunk and insults the lady, Duma defends Tula — and he and Tula discover they share something in common.

Duma spends less time at home, and pretty soon his young brother, Stephen, gets tired of his studies and heads for the msakani to meet Max.

Duration: 29 minutes
Language: Swahili with English Subtitles
Producer: MFDI Tanzania and JHUCCP

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