Siri ya Mtungi – Episode 3

Siri ya Mtungi – Episode 3

Duma’s brother, Stephen, has been playing truant from school. The first Duma learns about it is when the Headmaster gives him an ultimatum: Stephen must shape up or ship out. Duma has to get his act together — for his kid brother’s sake.

Cheche’s business isn’t as prosperous as it could be and Mwanaidi, is getting impatient with the way Cheche neglects Cheusi.

Meantime, when Nusura is knocked down by a bajaji outside Kizito’s workshop this accident sets off a surprising chain of events. Mzee calls on Uncle Mawazo to sort it out!

Duration: 29 minutes
Language: Swahili with English Subtitles
Producer: MFDI Tanzania and JHUCCP

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