Siri ya Mtungi – Episode 2

Siri ya Mtungi – Episode 2

Mzee Kizito commissions Cheche to replace a photograph of the late Vingawaji, the polygamist’s wife, for the upcoming mauled. Cheche can’t find the negative. Not wishing to let down his father-in-law, he decides to photograph Vingawaji’s lookalike daughter, Sabrina. But Kizito’s first wife, Farida, smells a rat. Cheche knows he’s being watched, and the last thing he wants is for Cheusi’s family to find out about his affair with Tula.

Playboy Duma’s life is getting more complicated, too, as he gets on the wrong side of his ‘angel’ Nusura’s father, Masharubu.

But the biggest surprise of all is Mzee Kizito who admits to his brother, Mawazo, that he’d like to take on another wife to replace Vingawaji!

Duration: 29 minutes
Language: Swahili with English Subtitles
Producer: MFDI Tanzania and JHUCCP

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