Siri ya Mtungi – Episode 1

Siri ya Mtungi – Episode 1

Photographer Cheche gets lucky when he is gifted an old commercial studio by the late, Habibu, a well-known and eccentric photographer.

But not everyone is convinced that it’s good luck. His friend, Dafu, an electrician, is spooked by the old building. Cheche’s mother-in-law, Mwanaidi, is also sure that Cheche won’t make enough money from this new business to support his young wife Cheusi, already pregnant with a third child. In any case, Cheche’s playing games with his teenage sweetheart, Tula, who runs a little kigrosari…

Across town, good-looking Duma buys a shipment of stolen equipment for his deejaying and music business. When his girlfriend, the beautiful Nusura turns up at the new studio to have her photo taken she has to take a picture instead of Cheusi’s father, Mzee Kizito, a polygamist and big family patriarch. Who’s to know it’s a moment of destiny?

Duration: 29 minutes
Language: Swahili with English Subtitles
Producer: MFDI Tanzania and JHUCCP

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