Swahiliwood Writers’ Workshop

Swahiliwood Writers’ Workshop

The first of the twelve part Swahiliwood Workshop Series has officially begun! The workshop series will see the realization of three feature length Entertainment-Education films.

This first workshop is engaging 25 local popular film producers and scriptwriters, with the intention of:

1. Giving them background information on the Swahiliwood Project, and the intentions of the project.
2. Training them to write to a “Behavior-Change Communication” brief.
3. Giving them an understanding of the communications objectives of the Swahiliwood Project.

The workshop is the competitive pre-selection round for the two-part Scriptwriting block of the workshop series. At the end of this workshop, each participant will be given one week to write a concept paper for his/her film. From the concepts submitted, six will be chosen to go through to the next round of script development. This second round will see the concepts being developed into full screenplays. The best three of these screenplays will then continue through the remaining ten workshops, which focus on pre-production, production, post-production, and marketing.